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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pinoy Nurse Job Hiring in Germany- Submission of Job Application

Where to submit job application for Filipino Nurse-Hiring in Germany? According to the report a salary of not less than P100,000 pesos will be receive by successful applicants for the job post.

The Agreement opens the German health care sector to Filipino health care professionals who have been, heretofore, barred from employment in accordance with existing German laws. It also stipulates the procedures and conditions for the deployment of Filipino health care professionals to Germany.

Philippines and Germany conclude agreement to deploy Filipino health care professionals to Germany. For its initial implementation, the Agreement will apply to the deployment of Filipino nurses who already have a history ofworking in Germany in the 1970s.

The Philippines and the Federal Republic of Germany on Tuesday, March 19, concluded a government-to-government agreement that will facilitate the placement of Filipinohealth care professionals in employment positions in Germany.

POEA release a guideline on How to Apply for Nursing Job in Germany.

1. The POEA will issue guidelines on the recruitment process.
2. Germany will select employers and determine their job requirements.
3. The POEA will announce start of submission of job application
4. Applicants may now register online at www. eregister.poea.gov.ph


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