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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bataan Zipline (Mt. Samat) Longest Zipline in Luzon

It's More Fun in Bataan with Bataan Zipline (Mt. Samat) which is the longest Zipline in Luzon at 540 meters.

The setting up of the zipline was a pet project of Alice D. Pizarro, chairperson of the Pilar Tourism Council and wife of Mayor Charlie Pizarro, in an effort to not only protect the Mt. Samat forested area but also to attract tourists, both foreign and local.

Stats credit to thebataantourister.blogspot.com

The Stats:

Length: 540 meters

Height: 154 meters above sea level at launch pad

Duration of the ride: 40+ seconds

Rider positions: Superman and Sitting

Service Time: 8AM - 12 PM, 12PM - 5:15 PM

Restrictions: Not for small children and people with heart conditions

Location: Mt. Samat, Diwa, Pilar, Bataan

Vehicles: All types

Commute: Yes, jeepneys and tricycles

Activity: Zip line, Picnic

Fees: P450

P30 shuttle trip from parking lot to launch area

P20 environmental fee

P350 zip line fee

P50 shuttle trip from landing area to parking lot


1. Roman Super Hi-way Pilar Intersection. Area known as Ala-uli. Take south-west road.

2. Proceed to Mt. Samat Entrance Arch, 4.4 kms from Ala-uli.

3. Take left onto Mt. Samat Rd, 1 km.

4. Take right onto "The Zipline" poster board.

Here's our trip to Bataan Zipline


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